Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ahhh... The Beauty of Community

Fixing up a house is a huge task. But having friends by your side makes the whole thing a little easier. Last night my sister, Jacke, and brother-in-law, Eric, brought over our new fridge. It's a Maytag side-by-side and it works great! What a blessing. Then they stayed and Jackie helped paint while Eric pressured washed the outside of the house. Our friends Jack & Jennifer came over and helped out too. Jennifer cleaned the carpet in the living room (which looks GREAT by the way) and worked on the other carpets while Jack helped me and Gavin paint. Our friend Les also showed up to help paint. We were able to get the hall and kitchen painted, the first coat on the master bedroom, and the carpet cleaned in the living room. Things that would've taken days for me and Gavin to do by ourselves! And not only that, but it was fun. Laughing and talking always makes the humdrumness of painting go by alot faster!!

I'm going back to the house today to try to finish up the paint in the masterbedroom. I'll post some pictures when it's done :)

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  1. LOL Kristina I have been going through my blog list and there is no updates for 2 months now :-(