Tuesday, July 6, 2010

60 Cents

Today we went to do some cleaning (what we could without electric or water) at the house. We were able to clean up the porch and reassemble the porch swing, clean out the garage, pick up some junk from the front yard, and sweep the house and pick up trash. It was a productive day and things are already starting to look better!

After some discussion we've decided that we are definitely
pulling up the carpets. Underneath is cement. So for now we're going to paint the cement and try to get some carpet remnants until we have the funds to purchase new floors. But we're more comfortable with cement floors then with pet-stained, smelly carpets! And I found $.60 while sweeping so we giggled that now we've started our flooring fund :)

We also talked to a man at The Pix this morning who owns a lawn service. He comes into The Pix all the time so he recognized Gavin. He came over to the house and said he'd mow and weed the entire lot (about 2 acres) for $35!! Woohoo! Hopefully we can get the lawn service out there this week! That will make a huge difference.

Before and After shots...

The Front Porch

(That Foosball table is for sale! Only $15, you come pick it up :)

The Garage

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