Friday, July 9, 2010

Bye-Bye Stinky!

Phew! That carpet in the master bedroom was DISGUSTING. When I pulled it up the padding underneath was still WET with pet urine and there was moisture stains on the concrete! It smelled awful. I'm so glad we decided to pull that up!

The guy who originally installed it glued the padding to the floor, so there's a ton of tiny little pieces of padding stuck all over the concrete. We'll have to take a scraper to it. The kids liked pulling up the pieces from the glue. Go figure! But overall it took less than an hour to get it all out, rolled up, and put by the road. Now it's just a matter of figuring out what to do with the floor!! Haha. We can't really afford to do much, so I'm thinking we could just paint the cement floor until we can get the floors redone. I'd love to eventually get hardwood laminate done, but that's a dream for another day :) Any ideas of a temporary fix?? Please feel free to share :)

Carpet in master bedroom
My little helpers :)

No more carpet!

Very sweaty, but happy to say "Bye-bye stinky carpet!" (Samuel was right there with me the whole time. He didn't want to play with toys, he wanted to tear up padding! Haha).

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  1. Hey Kristina! Congrats on the house! I 've actually heard that staining a concrete floor is easier than painting. Also, sometimes paint peels or becomes slippery if it gets wet. I haven't done either of them myself, so I don't have to go on- but I thought I'd pass on the thought anyway. :)